ATI 9600SE + CUSL2 - No video

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I was given an ATI 9600SE with 128MB ram, but for some reason it will
not work in my system.

System :

CUSL2 - 1009 bios, 512 MB ram
WinXP Pro
Catalyst 4.5 drives

Previous card is an 8500LE 64 MB card. I know the 8500 is probably
going to be faster except for the DX9 support, but it would be nice to
benchmark it to find out.

But, as I stated, it will not display anything on the monitor. The
monitor says it is getting a signal, but it is completely black.

Any ideas.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati (More info?)

    I've had a similar problem, but with a 9200SE. Install the card, but
    the system hangs at boot. Nothing. :evil:

    ASUS CUSL2 with AGP Pro capability to 4X
    1 GHz Celeron
    512 MB RAM
    Windows XP Home

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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