Windows 7 Crash After New Graphics Card

Hi, I recently got a 8800 GTX and have installed it in my computer. Since then I have been experiencing BSODs and one of the programs I rely on is crashing with a .... has stopped responding message.

The new card uses 2 power supplies in place of the single power supply of the old card.

I have tested my memory incase I knocked it during the installation using windows 7 mem test. I tried spybot search & destroy, CC cleaner for my registry. I used a driver cleaner before installed the new nvidia drivers.

Im thinking to reinstall windows.

Windows task manager shows that Im using mostly Physical memory with only 290mb paged and 74 non paged memory being used (when using 70% physical memory is this normal?

Any help would be appreciated.

Asustek P5E Intel X38 Chipset Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Q9550 Quad Core 2.83Ghz 12Mb Cache
Corsair 4GB DDR2 800 Memory C4 DHX (2 x 2Gb)
Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM SATA II HDD's
Asustek 2014 20X DVD Writer SATA
Antec P182 Case
Corsair 620HX Modular Power Supply
Thermalright Ultra 120 CPU Cooler
Geforce 8800GTX
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  1. andyhpk said:
    The new card uses 2 power supplies in place of the single power supply of the old card.
    Please explain this further.

    Which program is crashing? Anything else crashing besides that one program?
    What video card did you have installed prior?

    RAM/Page file usage is normal.
    I'm thinking re-installing Windows won't help.
  2. Thanks WR2. The program that is crashing is Maxwell Render. It is a pretty intensive program that renders 3D models. I have had no problems with it previously, and have tried re-intalling it.

    I changed from an 8800 GT to 8800 GTX which uses 2 X 6 pin power supply cables. The GT used only 1 X 6 pin cable.
  3. One other things I just thought of is that I overclocked my processor in winter. Now Its summer here I'm running maxwell with core temp and saw a high of 70C, with averages of 50-60C I think in winter it was running around 40-50C. Maybe the new video card + summer is creating more heat?
  4. Check the GPU temps as well as the CPU temps.
    It's probably a good idea to dial back the overclock during a testing period. That would help your CPU temps and also reduced the power load on the PSU.
    You might also try one of the older 8800GTX drivers. Occasionally an 'improvement' to one are of the drivers (gaming optimization) has had an adverse effect on other software's performance. Is there a support forum for Maxwell Render? Ask around there what driver other 8800GTX owners are having success with.
  5. I wouldn't assume that the program crashing and the BSODs are necessarily directly related. For example, the BSODs could be caused by a hardware issue while Maxwell Render could be caused by conflict with the graphic card's software. Again, that's just an example.

    Also, I agree with WR2, revert all BIOS overclock settings to default until you can isolate the problem. Reinstalling the OS is something I typically consider a last resort.

    If you can get the error message given by the BSOD, it will certainly help to solve the problem. Go to System Properties > Startup and Recovery > Uncheck the box that says "Automatically restart" This will allow you to read the specific error code that Windows is kicking out.
  6. yes heat is a problem for 8800 cards!! "it is kind of hard to see dust inside fan cover!!"

    Please check for dust!! "use compressed air to remove it!!"

    check your computer fully for dust!!


    install direct x software!! add more virtual memory!! run blue screen view to find out what caused bsod! also check for new drivers!!

    disable all start up stuff "msconfig"

    works on vista xp or windows 7

    uncheck some visual effects !!

    uninstall all junk ware "including toolbar!!"

    if not clean install windows!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I have changed the driver and maxwell render seems to be more stable, it hasnt crashed yet as opposed to very time before. I have had BSOD and using bluescreenview have seen that 2 of the 3 are resulting from hal.dll and another from ntoskrnl.exe

    The most recent crash started there was a unresolvable hardware problem.

    I might put my old card back in and see if I get a more stable system.
  8. How far did you roll back the 8800GTX driver?
    You might try testing with an even earlier version driver.
  9. You didn't erase the old graphics card drivers first?

    Try getting the driver erase tool from nvidia/ati (whichever card you had before) and they usually have it somewhere free online.

    Uninstall all drivers, restart, install new drivers, restart, win?
  10. Hey Thanks everyone for your help. I seem to have gotten over the program crashing issue with the driver re-install. Im still geting BSOD but now I have increased the fan speed on my case seems to not be happening very often so i think its a heat issue. Im thinking when i have time over the weekend Ill try and might play around with my overclocking settings.
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