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i just got a new laptop from my school and there's so many admin. blocks on it. i cant download anything without the password, even at home.can anyone help??
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  1. Sure; what are you trying to download?
  2. It's obviously setup to prevent you from doing what it is you are trying to do. It's for your and your laptops security.
  3. Sounds like it's time for you to return the schools computer and go out and buy one yourself.
  4. WR2 said:
    Sure; what are you trying to download?

    im trying to download msn messenger, i know how to download it but the restrictions wont let me
  5. Then you will have to ask your school's IT staff for permission.
  6. Have you tried getting Windows Live Essentials? Messenger is a part of that package.
    You can choose just the Messenger program or get the rest as well.
  7. WR2, stoppit.... The school doesn't want him to install stuff.

    Then you will have to ask your school's IT staff for permission.
  8. ok listen the only reason the school doesnt want me to install stuff is b/c there would be too much argument over what can and cant be downloaded.we have a new program at the school where everyone in the highschool gets computers. i just want to download it onto my flash drive so i can open it onto the computer. but with the restrictions is it normal for is to be restricted on the flash drive to be opened up on the computer. like, it will save onto the drive but i cant open onto the computer b/c of the restrictions. i hope this is an explaination for u people who are so negative about this.
  9. Ask the IT department, if you are allowed to install stuff they will give you the password.

    We aren't being negative, you are trying to do something the school may or may not allow.
    This is completely ridiculous, ASK THE IT DEPARTMENT!!!! if you are ALLOWED to use this computer in such a fashion they will fix it.
    You are also a bunch a idiots for helping a kid exploit, and violate school rules...
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