Quicken deluxe 2000

Can i down load quicken deluxe 2000, on to my new computor with
windows 7
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  1. Go to the MS Win 7 Compatibility site and you will see that Quicken 2000 has issues with Win 7:
  2. henydiah said:
    this quicken deluxe 2008/ 2009 work with Win7 :

    thank you
  3. COLGeek said:
    Go to the MS Win 7 Compatibility site and you will see that Quicken 2000 has issues with Win 7:

    Thank you
  4. mcguire53049 said:
    Can i down load quicken deluxe 2000, on to my new computor with
    windows 7

    How to get rid of Registration nag screen in Quicken 2000 (UK version) (this works!)

    Like many people, I discovered how to install Quicken 2000 on a Windows 7 PC and later on a Windows 8 netbook, both 64 bit.

    (If you didn’t get that far, try this, it’s quite simple:
    1. Copy all the contents of Quicken 2000 De Luxe CD to a folder that you have created in C: and labelled, for instance, ‘Quicken 2000 CD contents’ (without the inverted commas).
    2. One of the folders is labelled WIN95. Double click on the folder to show the contents and right-click on SETUP.EXE. At the bottom of the right-click menu is ‘Properties’. Click on Properties, select the ‘Compatibility’ tab, in ‘Compatibility mode’ paragraph tick the box and from the drop down menu select ‘Windows 95’. In the ‘Privilege level’ paragraph, tick the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ box. Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.
    3. Now double click this SETUP.EXE file and follow the install instructions. When it gives you the choice of ‘custom’ or ‘quick’ (I forget the actual word) install, choose custom. Then untick the IE4 (Internet Explorer 4 – very old!) choice. I personally also deselected every choice except Quicken 2000 in order to reduce the amount of this old software being installed on my modern computer and causing a possible conflict with my files.
    4. When you start Quicken 2000, you’ll be invited to register online. However hard I tried, it refuses to connect to my router. Carry on anyway and import your valuable qdata.QDF file by clicking on ‘File’ at the top left of the Quicken window and selecting ‘Restore Backup File’ and navigating to wherever you put it. If the path is more than 32 characters long, you’ll be told the path is too long; move the qdata.QDF file into the root C: or next down and restore it from there.)

    After using Quicken a few times on the Windows 8 netbook, a registration nag screen kept appearing and each time the number of further uses reduced despite my every attempt to fool it.

    To cut a long story short, let the number of uses run out and it will tell you that you can’t use Quicken any more – and you won’t be able to because the registration dialogue always fails to log on to the internet.
    The fixes I read about elsewhere did not work for me, perhaps because I have the UK version of the software.

    REGISTRATION NAG SCREEN FIX: I don’t know which was the clinching key press, but I held down the Shift and the Ctrl keys continuously while starting Quicken, trying to register it, and every button I clicked on. Tadah! Up came my usual password screen and everything worked as before, including sounds. Sometimes it’s necessary to swipe the cursor along the tabs at the top of the Q2K window to make them visible but this is a tiny problem.

    I see people questioning why other Q2000 users don’t just upgrade to the latest version. Simply because there isn’t a version yet which used British pounds. I don’t want USD or Euros. Q2000 has kept me out of financial trouble for 12 years and meets my requirements. It’s a huge relief to get Q2000 working again and I greatly appreciate all the advice of other posters to help me keep it working on new Operating Systems.
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