Linux driver for A7V ATA-100 controller

Hey does anyone know where I can get a Linux driver for the Promise ATA-100 controller on my A7V?

thanks Jim

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  1. Hello Jim,
    It might be helpful to know the distro you are using. Also take a peak at some of the links here:
    Sorry no first hand experience with ATA-66/100 yet for me. I keep reading it is patchable and/or will be in the new kernal due out (maybe) next month.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  2. Oh ya the distribution <font color=blue>would</font color=blue> help:)

    Red Hat 7.0

    I'll go check that link out thanks!

    later Jim

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  3. Kernel 2.4.0 has support for ata100, not sure about any other versions. so, all ya gotta do is recompile your kernel and you are in business.
  4. Hey thanks! If thats the case might as well get another hdd just for linux and plug it in the ata66 channel.

    but the cool news of course is this means when 2.4 is released it should work dandy with the latest via southbridge which supports ata100 organically... so this will be great on the next mainboard.

    appreciate it Jim

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  5. i've had the same problems with corel linux version 2... i heard suse supports ata100... but it's not really ata100 that's the problem.. the promise controler seems to need some kind of driver... so... i'm waiting till 2.4 kernel is done and hope that it works
  6. I tried recompiling my 2.2.17 kernel the other day with "other ide card" support turned on, and it worked flawlessly on my a7v... which was good, cuz 2.4.0-test11 forced me to give up aurora on boot (i know... stupid reason.. but I like the purdy piktyers). promise2065... gooood... aurora... gooood... both goooood. ok, I'm done now.
  7. Mandrake Linux 7.2 handled my promise ata-100 controller
    in a fresh install with no probs. Performance is much
    better, and I am very impressed with mandrakes hardware
    detection, but it does take some of the fun out of it.
    Getting a linux box installed and configured used to be
    a challenge, but mandrake found and installed everything
    for me, even my usb printer. wow...
  8. crackdaddy, I was just curious what kernel parameters you used to get the promise controller working. Did you use any other parameters besides the "Other ide card" option? And also, what kind of boot parameters did you use? If you could post this infomation, that would be great as I would like to use that controller in RedHat 7. Thanks.

    I have not yet begun to procrastinate.
  9. I didn't use any special boot params, just the other ide support when compiling the kernel. If you don't want to mess with that, go to, they just threw a page up about getting linux to work with the a7v board, it's boot parameter only, much easier than compiling the kernel I suppose. :)
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