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I am trying to install Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 on Windows 7 (actually, re-install it) and I am having a big problem.... it keeps on freezing a little more than halfway through the install and then stops for about 30 minutes, then tells me that it 'encountered an error' (doesn't even give an error number!) and exits out.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you been able to fix and how? I've gone through the registry deleting every mention of Microsoft Office on the first computer I had this problem on and tried installing it on a clean install on my old computer, which gave me the same problem exactly.

Microsoft really needs to do some quality control, I know it's just a beta, but if their OWN SOFTWARE doesn't install correctly on it..... it shouldn't have been released even as a beta.
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  1. try using instead, havent had any problems with it so far and has all the functionality of office.

    also have you tried running the installer with admin (right click option) and in either vista or xp compatibility mode?
  2. I had no problems installing office 2007 on win7x86 or win7x64. Perhaps it is something specific to your system
  3. Office 2007 also running well here
  4. Also using Office 2007 on both Win 7 32bit and Win 7 64bit without problems.
  5. I'm willing to bet that it's wanting to do something with admin rights and when it gets to a certain point it can't get them so it exits. try setting it to run in Vista or XP Compatibility mode and run the setup up as administrator and see what happens.
  6. I had this problem before with a couple of programs so I switched to the beta of Norton 360 and everything was ok.
    You could also try disconnecting from the net, uninstalling your security suite (antivirus/firewall) software and then installing office. Then reinstall your security suite.
    However - I also use, it rocks and it's compatible with all of the Microsoft document formats.
    (For anyone who hasn't bought an office suite - regardless of cashflow, try OpenOffice).
  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Open Office. Great office suite and can't beat the price FREE FREE AND FREE! as in free beer
  8. runs well for me, but you shouldnt delete every key, windows has been known to have entries for office when it isnt installed because some of the basic functions the os uses in some cases are derived from office code; anyway, i've got office enterprise (ultimate nowadays) 2007 SP2 installed and running on W7 7100 and it works without a hitch. could be the beta version of the OS your using (probably an earlier buggier version)
  9. For those of you who have encountered issues installing/ uninstalling/ re-installing Microsoft Office 2007 in Windows7, you might want to try using the "Compatibility Wizard".

    I encountered the same issues many of you have and found success via the Windows XP SP3 configuration.

    This allowed for me to install the Office fully with no issues, delays, hanging. As a matter of fact, like most of my installs with Windows 7, it was completed in at least half the time it took on Windows XP Pro.
  10. try temporarily disabling any anti-virus progams while installing. some programs lock your computer down too much and will not allow even legit software to install properly.
  11. i have the same problem with it, office will not install. i tried windows 7 32 onanother machine and that was fine. windows 7 x64 wont take office 2007?
  12. I have installed Office 2007 on most of the builds with no problem. Right now on build 7229 and have no problems with Office 2007. This is on x64 ver
  13. I have had exactly the same problem, but only on one of my Windows 7 computers. There is no difference between the two, and neither has anti virus or a firewall running. One of them ran the install just fine, the other is stopping midway through and giving me an error message.
  14. I had the same problem, and none of the solutions mentioned worked for me. I spent most of a day trying to get something to work.

    In the end, what worked for me was reinstalling Windows 7 and then making certain that Office 2003/2007 and OneNote 2003/2007 were the first programs installed on the system.

    That worked. I have no idea why, but it worked. So, if nothing else is working for you, try that for a shot in the dark.
  15. I'm having a similar problem. Running windows 7 Release Candidate (its a beta for those not in the know) and I upgraded from vista home premium which had my office 2007 home and student already installed. Sure I've had a few snags, but who hasn't!

    I actually purchased the "its not cheating" ultimate office 2007 a couple of months ago, downloaded it and tried to run it but anly receive a window titled "C:\users\me\downloads\x12-30307.exe" and contents showing the previous followed by "is not a valid Win32 application". I bit you its 64bit!

    Anyway, someone online told me to uninstall it and download a new office ultimate 2007 file, I finally figured I'd do this seen how I was having issues with word documents not opening from a window unless I actually opened them within word itself.

    takes office Ultimate ages to download, even on fast adsl2 connection, decide not to bother and attempt reinstall of student 2007. Problem is the cd drive didn't seem to recognise the installation cd, keeps showing the iso ultimate cd details.

    I was going to do system restore to get student 07 back, but after opening and closing the cd rom about three times it come good.

    Just got to contact microsoft now and sort out if the ultimate download is not 32 bit friendly!
  16. I had the same problem, but when i installed all windows updates, i was able to reinstalled office succesfully
  17. try the above, it works
  18. why does when i run office 2007, like ms word or excel, a popout window says "not enough memory or disk space"? i have 50gig free in my hard disk, 1gig ram, running it on my compaq laptop with pentium dual core. pls help. thanks.

    i don't wanna use openoffice because i dont like the interface and shortcuts. sorry guys. :P
  19. I have Office 2007 on my Windows 7 64 bit without any problems.I don't like the interface of OpenOffice either. If you do want a free office suite that is really usable, I choose IBM Lotus Symphony. It's fast, compatible, and uses the same code as OpenOffice with a nicer interface.
  20. I am having exactly the same difficulty. I purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student. I have Windows 7 32 bit and when I attempt to install it freezes up. I tried the option to remove all previous installations (Office 2003) but it still freezes up.

    I went to the MS Help site. They want the Product ID #. I can't get to it if it doesn't install.

    What to do, what to do.....
  21. Found a solution. Hey I had the same problem and it was new install of windows 7. I did not give a password for the user i created. After trying to reinstall for about 8 times i finally gave the administrator a password and the office 2007 finally installed. So make sure that whatever user you are logged in has a password and is an administrator.
  22. montyuk said:
    try using instead, havent had any problems with it so far and has all the functionality of office.

    also have you tried running the installer with admin (right click option) and in either vista or xp compatibility mode?

    dude...I know you aren't comparing an inferrior product like open office to the well polished capabilities of MO are you?

    I installed and used OO on one of my computers and made a valiant attempt to see if it would "do the trick". Not happening my friend! Simple items like mail merge in writer are very clunky, as well as, building outlines with various levels. OO is okay if you don't have anything, but I would never recommend it to replace MO...Google Apps is even further behind, but at least that is web based.
  23. Yep I am having the same problem. I installed office 2003 fine. The tried to upgrade to 2007 now nothing will work and when I try to uninstall, the system says I do have administrator rights. Anyone know of a quick fix?
  24. Try right clicking on your installation program and select "Run as Administrator".

    I've installed Office 2007 Ultimate on two Windows 7 64 bit systems without issue.
  25. I have installed Office Home and Student 2007 on my Windows 7 pc and it keeps coming up with a program compatibility troubleshooter that suggests I change the settings to Windows XP (service pack 2) compatibility mode. Should I save and use this setting for all the Office programs? Why isn't Office 2007 immediately compatible with Windows 7?!
  26. thank you very much
  27. ronbo613 said:
    Try right clicking on your installation program and select "Run as Administrator".

    I've installed Office 2007 Ultimate on two Windows 7 64 bit systems without issue.

    This worked for me! I tried everything else under the sun, and Microsoft refused to help with my issue unless I paid for it. I'm a happy camper! Thanks! :)
  28. OK, guys my particular problem occurred after uninstalling office 2010 beta. I could not install office 2007. It would get about two thirds of the way through the install before just freezing up. I have windows 7 and really have enjoyed the new OS, but this was driving me up the wall. the uninstaller that is available was of no help, and whenever the install began my processor usage went 100% and sat there forever. However, I did manage to install it, by doing the following but i do not know in which order. It is a good note that I can go back and reverse what i did to get my computer back uptodate, but here it is.

    While i had the office installer running, I uninstalled the windows updates from 1/28/10 onwards, i uninstalled the antivirus and turned off the firewall. Then the thing that really made me laugh was when i turned off the theme service and noticed an immediate difference. Now it could be just windows themes, so try that first, but go ahead and stop all unneccesary services too. It worked for me. nothing i found online seemed to help, so i just decided to give it all one last shot before reformatting, and well hey it worked. Hope this helps
  29. My kids had a similar problem and they said they solved it once they had the right installer.
    Make sure you have the correct Windows Installer.
    Microsoft Office Professional uses a different installer file than Home & Student 2007.

    Perhaps it is advisable to run Microsoft Update after loading your Windows 7 program and before loading your Office 2007 home & student program, as any bugs that may have already been worked on will be uploaded to your machine. Hope you have highspeed.

    If you have a preinstalled program on your new computer, you will likely have to uninstall some of the trial versions of office that came with it. Preinstalled programs cause people lots of nightmares and is likely the main reason Windows 7 came out as a clean operating system.

    If you are installing from a Operating System brand new disk, it should be easier.
    Make sure you have the correct Product ID code on the yellow sitcker.
    Don't lose that code or you'll be sorry. Keep your disks in a safe place and write down the code carefully in several locations where you can find it.

    Have a look here too.

    Hope this helps somewhat.
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