Which laptop brand is the best

Hello,what laptop brand shud i buy?
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  1. I like to buy Dells. (yes i am a fan boy)

    But lets get something straight, I fully customize them and that leads me into my question for you,

    What do you want out of your laptop?
  2. indeed:

    -country / favorite shop
  3. hp!
  4. As you can see everyone has their favorites.
    fjiekie has nailed it, your budget is the starting point, what you want to use it for, then find a reliable shop in your country that has a reputation for after sales service.
  5. dell latitude (business class unit)
    upper class support tech support, bluetooth, wireless, card reader and encryption with advance graphics (ones not on nVidia action suit... lol)
  6. There are many reviews for good laptops on this site: Best Laptops 2010
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