I need help new motherboard old hard drive, os problem

Hi everyone, i have this problem i just got a new motherboard and put it into my computer becuse the old one died. Im using the hard drive that i used with the old motherboard i have formatted it to clear it to get ready for installation of a new (os) operating system. I power it up tell it to boot from the cd (Windows 7 Home periemum 32 bit) and i put the cd in and restart's and when it tries to boot from disk all i get is a black screen with a blinking white underscore at the top left corner nothing happens. May i pls have some help form someone it would be very healpful ty

I have the system builder software did i buy the worng one i just want it to install on the new motherboard and hard drive
so i can use it.

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  1. 1. Read Book Guide your Motherboard Support!

    post your system (mobo,CPU,PSU,RAM, Cooler) can help detail
  2. Hi i dont have my pc here its at friends i cant tell you my psu but my motherboard is
    Motherboard: Asus P5G41C-M LX G41 PCI- E16
    Ram is normal samsung what factory comps put in when you buy them 4 GB's
    CPU: is a Intel core 2 Quad core
    Cooler: Ther a two fans built into my aztec case but forgot what the cooler is on top of the cpu
    The windows im trying to put on is OEM System Builder (Windows 7 Home preimum 32 bit) um is that the probelm do i want to buy the retail version from the store for it to install proberly or what casue im confused
  3. 1. check cable & Power connection !
    2. take off Power From AC, remove RAM if have 2 stick use 1 stick ..
    in this condition can go Bios ..? try other stick ram n try start again..
  4. try with other RAM
  5. ohh ok ill try that um would there be anythign wrong by the way casue about the system builder software would i have to of installed the OPK preinstallation fiel thing on my hard drive before i ned to install this or it should still install without it.
  6. Why would it be the ram by the way casue everything starts up fine and it gets to that screen
  7. if all success u must format your HDD & partition, continued setup win7
  8. i did format my drive and partion before
  9. no problem win7 installation setup can handle it
  10. As you can't even get to boot from the DVD I would suspect your DVD drive (or the disk itself) rather than anything else. (Although you refer to CD I assume that you have a DVD drive as the installation disk is a DVD not a CD.) Steps that I would take (if possible) are:

    1. Try the DVD on another computer to check whether the issue is with the drive or the computer.

    2. Try another DVD drive in the computer.

    Just as a matter of interest, what make and model is your DVD drive - and is it SATA or IDE?
  11. It is SATA and the drive goes both ways cd/dvd this disk is fine i checked it out it is ok no erros
  12. i think he have RAM error not sure if not check with memtes86+
  13. kk ty
  14. it sasy username could not be found for memtes86+?
  15. my bad soz throught it was a person, sorry read your sentance the wrong way
  16. Have you checked the boot order in the BIOS to make sure that the CD/DVD drive boots before the hard drive?

    Is your optical drive a DVD, or a CD?
  17. Yes i have checked and its on boot form cd/dvd drive first, and when i look at the cd/dvd drive in the bios it has cd/dvd and some other things i dont knwoif maybe te cd/dvd drive is mucking up casue it flashes like its working ??
  18. Can you boot from other CDs/DVDs? Does it actually try to read the DVD (LED on drive lights up)?
  19. Well it lights up like its working and everything but i couple of days before my motherboard died the cd/dvd drive wasent readin any disks it looked liek it but wasent giving the info to the motherboard so i though it was becuse of the motherboard so i dont know it gets reconised by the motherboard but would this be the problem?
  20. But when i take out the disk form the cd/dvd it sasy that bootmgr error Ctrl alt del to restart
  21. I'd have to say that if you were having problems with the DVD drive and you are now having problems with the DVD drive then possibly the problem is with the drive. Do you have an old one lying about that you can try, or do you have access to another one? Could be worth trying an IDE one if you can get hold of one. In this country I can get a DVD drive for under £10 (less than $20), so it may be worth just buying another one.

    You could also try making another bootable DVD, say of a Linux distro, and see if you get the same problem.
  22. kk thank you for your help ill see what i can do and ill post to see what happened
  23. TY everyone the cd/dvd conversion to a new one worked fine
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