Office - Publisher 2007 - compatible with Windows 7?

Just got a new computer running Windows 7 and Office 2010. When I realized that Publisher '10 didn't have the "Publish to the Web" capability, I installed Office 2007, so I could maintain website. But I am having lots of difficulty publishing to the web, and it occured to me that maybe it's a compatibility issue with Windows 7. Anyone know?
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  1. Should't be an issue i use that feature on mine with no issues!2007 version is fully compatible with win 7!
  2. Pub 2010 should let you edit and maintain any existing Pub sites.

    And I think you should be able to run Publish 2007 in tandem with Office 2010.
  3. Thanks for replies. I was finally able to get the files uploaded with Pub. '07.
  4. ok cool glad you got it worked out!
  5. dianeh said:
    Thanks for replies. I was finally able to get the files uploaded with Pub. '07.

    Please explain exactly how you did this? I'm currently using a Win XP computer with Publisher 2007 and can use the Publish to the Web function within Publisher to upload Web site updates with no problems. As you know, after clicking Publish to the Web, you select My Network Places, then click your pre-set up site address, etc.

    But am about to change to a new computer with Windows 7. From other forums, it seems that since My Network Places doesn't appear in Win 7, you can't upload site updates from within Publisher anymore.

    I don't want to start using a separate FTP client since it won't retain many of the Publisher site features, like forms.

    So, if you were successful publishing to the Web from within Publisher 2007 on Windows 7, please tell me how you were able to set up and find the My Network Places to click!

    Am anxiously awaiting your reply, and greatly appreciate your help.
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