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I've got Windows 7 Pro installed on a 40Gb partition on a 1Tb HDD split into 3 partitions: 40, 270 and 610 Gb in size.

My objective is to create a backup of the 40Gb partition for the purpose of copying windows as it is onto another drive.

The problem I am encountering is that in the "Backup and restore - choose disks to backup" section, The wizard is automatically selecting not just the 40Gb partition but also the 270Gb. ie; those two partitions are selected and greyed out - I can't de-select the 270Gb partition.

I don't want to back up both partitions as that would lead to some compatibility problems down the road.

As far as I know the 270Gb partition contains just program installs. The 610Gb contains storage.

My theory is that windows 7 has somehow added some sort of system file or key reference to the 270Gb partition without which windows won't work, although I have no clue what it is or how to find it.

Any ideas?

Side question: The backup file/image that "backup and restore" creates - is it the size of the partition(s) or the size of the used space on that partition(s)
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  1. It would appear that you have systems files on the other partition. Try disabling system restore and try again, NOTE; doing so is a one way trip and you will loose any restore dates you now have permamently.
    The image size is dependant on used space rather then actual partition size.

    Get this program as it may show what is on the other partition which you can't see, TreeSize Free tells you where precious space has gone to.
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