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Best free AV/anti-malware for Win7

I have a major problem trying to get MSSE installed. It will not install. I've had 2 1st-Level(lowest) techs from microsoft online and on phone for the past two days attempting to solve this issue. It will not install despite having been uninstalled and re-installed ad-infinitum. By both me for a week before I finally went to MS for help and then by them for 14 times in the past two days while doing many scans, etc for virii between install attempts.

I can think of one thing which I've told MS techs which they tended to pooh pooh and not addressed. I'm not clever enough to word something of a rather technical nature to CEs as they don't really tend to speak English - somewhat like attorneys with legaleeze they speek techneeze.

I cannot find the issue of how to see how many firewalls are on my computer. I think by being a bit hasty I managed to delete both AVG Pro firewall and Windows firewall at the same time. Any neg effects here?

Win7 - Home Premium 64x officially with x86 option as well. ZT Affinity 7359MA w/AMD Phenom II 4-Core 850 3200 CPU 6gb RAM
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  1. Check you haven't just turned the windows firewal oof go to start>control panel>windows firewall and check it isn't off.

    Don't run two firewalls at same time it is no good conflicts and so forth.

    If mse won't install try avira free it is good link below:
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