Dammit, not again?.. :/ help please!

Alright, I was playing Counter-Strike: Source, when my computer froze or something, I did a forced restart (via case button).

The computer did a disk/disc check and maybe other thing(s), but I noticed after being back in Windows, the internet doesn't work!! Wtf :(

However, the internet DOES work with Asus's Express Gate, which is some software that came with the mobo or w/e. I'm actually on it right now, on the SAME computer...

Internet in Express Gate (which I'm in even BEFORE the option to get into the bios comes up..) works, but in Windows, the internet does not work... ideas? :/, thanks.

Windows 7
Mobo is Asus M4A89TD-Pro USB3
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  1. I went into Device Manager, found the network adapter or w/e, and it had a yellow triangle with a ! in it.

    On one of the tabs of the properties or w/e for it, it had "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for the device. (Code 31)"

    What do I do? D:

    Edit: Also, I did disable and re-enabled, and the yellow triangle came up again. :/
  2. shutdown your modem let 10minute it can cold your modem... check plug cable lan tomodem & PC.... turn on again your modem
  3. Thanks for the reply, however I have gotten the internet to work.... I don't know why it stopped working in the first place...

    I downloaded a driver or w/e via my phone, uploaded on comp, extracted, and ran the setup in a folder, it updated my drivers past what they were before, and the internet works! Any idea as to what the hell happened? Haha.
  4. I reckon either corrupted file or registry entry relating to the network card driver... from my experience disabling/re-enabling an adapter will fix quite a few temporary hardware type issue but windows holds on to all the settings.

    A new driver will often reset all of the settings (and copy new files) thus fixing the corruption problem.

    You might also notice if you have a usb wifi dongle, changing the port installs the hardware as network device #2 - this sometimes fixes seemingly unfixable adapter issues as well.
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