Set up raid1 on existing raid0 win7 system

Hi all,
I have a Win7 system working on a raid0 (2x80gb drives), I would like to migrate to a new raid0 but on 2x500gb HDD's. I am thinking on creating a raid1 (mirror) on the new drives, and then just remove the old drives, is this possible? if it is, can some one tell/guide me on how to get it done?

Thanks a million!!!

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  1. You can not create a RAID1 without destroying the RAID0, You have to create a RAID0 with the new drives. Then you can use a program like Norton Ghost or Acronis to clone the disk.

    You will have to fix the boot record on the new RAID and set it to boot in the BIOS.

    I have seen people use system backup and restore to move the OS. Goto Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Create a system image. To the new RAID0 and then use disk management to expand the drive size to use all the available space.
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