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Help! How close can i put my new woofer to my comp

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August 22, 2001 8:44:17 AM

i just got a CambridgeSoundworks 5 speaker surround set up with a woofer. It says !warning! not magnetically sheilded. It also says keep away from monitor, !!!but what about CASE with HD and MotherBoard!!!

How far away must i keep this from vital components?

Also will this thing give me cancer? lol strong enough to screw a monitor and im gonna sit next to it all day lol!!! :) 

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August 22, 2001 5:32:37 PM

I wouldn't worry about it causing cancer, we are all exposed to strong magnetic fields every day.

Placing the woofer next to the monitor will probably result in strange strobing colours appearing on the screen, as the speaker interferes with the monitor's electron gun. This will not permanently damage the monitor (over short periods of time).

Metal computer cases act as faraday cages, they keep electromagnetic radiation from escaping, and prevent outside interference effecting internal components.

Basically, placing a sub-woofer next to your computer case should not cause problems.
August 22, 2001 6:02:41 PM

Yeup, hammerhead is right. I'd be more worried about the EMF from your body damaging your keyboard and mouse than worried about the woofer damaging your box.

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September 6, 2001 9:07:01 PM

forget about putting it on the desk, get an amp and 2/15" rockfords - you can always mount a bucket seat to the top of the woofer box...........