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help with laptop

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Last response: in Networking
December 9, 2002 4:14:35 PM

i'm trying to network a desktop and a laptop, i have a Intel Pro VM 100 in the desktop and a 10base-t PCMIA card in the laptop. i've got a crossover cable that works (tried connecting my Desktop and XBox with it) All i get when i connect the laptop is 'network caabe unplugged', im getting a flashing green light the laptop end but thats all.

the only other thing i'm using is a RJ45 female-female adapter is this a problem using a crossover? Also the colours of the (small interior) wires don't match when i connect everything up and theres less wires in the laptop cable than the crossover cable is this normal?

my drivers, protocols, speeds are all ok (i think!)


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December 9, 2002 6:43:10 PM

maybe the cable is only half duplex, post here what your talking about with the number of wires at each end.

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December 9, 2002 7:20:19 PM

it's a bit hard to see on the crossover cable, but here goes...

looking from the side without the clip

on the cross over = green,green,pink,blue,blue,white,brown,brown

on the laptop =
blue,blue,orange,no wire,no wire,orange,no wire, no wire

the female to female adaptor has two rows of four: on one end they are

white yellow red orange
brown green black blue

and reversed on the other end (ie white is where blue is and vice versa)

i know i haven't explained this very well, but any help would be gratefully recieved

PS i tried the card on 10Mbs and half duplex - no luck
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December 9, 2002 7:35:53 PM

i dont know where you got that cable from, but that doesnt sound right at all.

how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
December 9, 2002 7:44:30 PM

which one? the laptop or the crossover?

the laptop is 3coms own make that looks like it came with the 3com PCMIA card (i don't know for sure as i bought them secondhand)

the crossover has 'enhanced cat.5' written on, i bought it this morning and it had 'crossover' on the box, and like i say it connects to my XBox. (meaning the 'unplugged' error goes away and the desktop tries to sent packets)
December 9, 2002 7:47:59 PM

what are you talking about when you say the laptop cable? are you talking about the dongle that has the proprietary connection to the card? i dont care about the pin config of that. what does the NETWORK CABLE look like on both ends.

how do you shoot the devil in the back? what happens if you miss? -verbal
December 12, 2002 11:30:20 PM

Sounds like the problem is with the female-female adapter. The description of the adapter pinouts is a little fuzzy but try this just for giggles. If you've got a non-crossover network cable laying around somewhere try it in place of the crossover cable. Maybe the adapter you have is doing a crossover itself and in effect you're having a straight connection. Just a thought.