Windows 8 format partition problems

So im installing a legit copy of Windows 8. I am upgrading from windows 7. Please note I have done this 2 months ago and it all worked perfectly fine. Same hardware. Same everything. Anyway, I am doing a clean install. I delete the win 7 partition so I have a completely clean one. I click that partition, and after about 5-10 minutes

I get an error message saying:

"Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. the error occurred why preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code: 0x80070057."

Is there anyway to fixing this? I have tried changing my SATA control mode to IDE but that disables my DVD drive. I have also unplugged any extra devices except for my keyboard and mouse just incase windows is trying to install a driver or something.
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  1. You have to have an existing OS on the drive to do an install of windows 8.
    You cannot do a clean install of windows 8, it is an upgrade.
    Install windows 7 then upgrade to windows 8.
  2. God damn it i feel like an idiot. I will tell you if it works
  3. Nope. I get the same exact error in the windows 7 installation. :(
  4. Turns out it was the SATA cable. i guess I broke it in about 2 seconds. Hours wasted over one simple thing. :|
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