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32bit vs 64bit for gaming?

for windows 7 witch is better 32bit or 64bit for gaming performance?

I heard that 64bit consumes a lot of memory than 32bit. is it true?
and the 32bit application will run slower on 64bit.

my system:
motherboard : Asus P7H55-M
processor : i5-750 @ 4.0ghz
RAM : 2gbx2 kingston value ram ddr3 1333 OC @ 1600 dual channel
video card : GTX295
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    1- Not true, both use the same amount of RAM, the advantage with x64 is that you can use more that 4GB without hacking the Kernel.
    2- Not true, the x86 applications can run without problems on x64 systems. You won't see any performance problem or slower application.
  2. how about for gaming, does it increase the gaming performance on 64bit?
    do all modern games ran on 64bit without having any performance problem?
  3. A little, like I say you can use more that 4GB on x64, but the gaming performance depends mostly of GPU and CPU.

    Yeah, modern games can run on x64 without problems.
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  5. Actually, there is a bit more overhead incurred when running 32-bit programs on a 64-bit OS... but that is easily negated by the fact it can make full use of 4GB or more of RAM.
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