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Should I upgrade to Ultimate?


I bought a Dell M5010 laptop about 6 months ago. It has Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with a AMD Athon II P320 Dual core 2.10Ghz w/ 3GB RAM. It seems to run inconsistently especially during boot up. Sometimes (I'd estimate every 5th use) for whatever reason(s) it will lock up during the booting process, either all black screen or just never gets past the hour glass (with nothing working). Of course being a Dell, bought from Best Buy it came loaded with many background services/programs that I do no need. Figuring that there was something that was hanging up my boot process I stopped all services I felt I did not need. I even went as far as using Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove programs altogether.

None of this has seemed to help. I can't imagine I uninstalled something I shouldn't have because my issues would be more consistent. I have another copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Would it be advantageous to upgrade. Do you think my issues may be something else? My HP Laptop that I had running Ultimate ran flawlessly (until the motherboard crapped out for the second time)

Thanks in advance! :hello:
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    i personally wouldn't a 64-bit and especially a ultimate 64-bit on 3GB of RAM.
    I got to at least have 4GB, it might run slower than it is now..
    i know you have 64-bit home now and it's got issues.
    try a fresh install of that before you go up to ultimate or
    clean format to ultimate and get RAM at same time - ideal..
    with you current issues, do not perform the upgrade option.
    clean install..
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