Nvidia 780i and Windows 7/ Vista Low FPS

im experiencing VERY low fps in games on windows 7 and vista. With xp, my fps used to be VERY HIGH and capped mostly at a high fps.

xfx 780i SLI motherboard
q6600 @ 3.25 ghz
gtx 280 superclocked
4 gb 800mhz ram

drivers have been cleaned and reinstalled several times i have no idea what to do now
i cant stress enough that my fps is SIGNIFICANTLY lower not just 1-10 frames its like 100 frames lower

i really need help with this ive tried everything
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  1. I believe I saw another thread like this one very recently. I think it was a known issue, but the other person simply bought a new motherboard and framerates were restored.
  2. does anyone think that if i do a complete clean install of windows 7 it could fix the problem? meaning erasing all partitions and starting on a completely blank hd?
  3. I would do this on a completely separate hard drive without touching your current install. This way you can be sure a clean install will solve your problem rather than wiping out what you have and getting everything all set up again, only to find out that you just wasted 3-4 hours reinstalling Windows and all your apps and games.

    Edit: Just be sure not to activate this new install of 7 until you are sure that it will fix the problem.
  4. thats a good idea i will try that
    but do u think that it will solve the problem? does it make a difference installing it on a second patition instead of another physical clean drive? because i already installed it on the second partition on my current HD and both vista and 7 have extreme low fps
  5. The fact that both Vista and 7 are doing this is a bit disturbing, but how low of a framerate are you talking about?
  6. like 50 fps lower than i should. vista and 7 both do the exact same thing only xp works flawlessly. it shuldnt be this way i never have seen this with anyone
  7. I meant what are the actual framerates you are getting in the games you play? How much lower they are in Vista and 7 compared to XP doesn't matter right now. You have already mentioned they are lower, and I'm trying to think of what could cause that. In the meantime, please try to capture your average framerates in a few games and let me know where they are at.
  8. here are my framerates

    Call of Duty World at War - Vista/7 Drops to 40 fps- XP - Constant 90 capped
    Left 4 Dead - Windows 7 / Vista - 39 fps - XP - 135 fps
    Crysis - 20 fps
    Unreal Engine 3 Games - Windows 7 UT3 goes down to 40 fps Batman Arkahm asylum 46 fps average XP 200 stable

    what is wrong
  9. Hi, I have same problem

    Athlon64 3000+ @ 2400 MHz
    K8N neo FSR V2.0 nforce3
    Gainward GF 7600GS GS 256 MB DDR3 (560/1650)
    450W PSU
    Windows 7 pro

    I have very low FPS in CSS, SWAT4, WOW

    in 3Dmark03 first test (wings of fury) i have low fps but in other tests i have normal fps

    This happens only on win 7 pro with newest display drivers (drivers for win 7 or vista with WDDM support)

    Try to use oldest WIN XP drivers (in your case 180.48) There is no WDDM support so AERO will be disabled and you will not be able to use nvidia control panel, but FPS will be OK.

    Try it and reply :)

    Thomas (czech rep)
  10. lots of people reporting problems with newest NV drivers and MOBOs with NF200 chip on Win7.
    I would use an older driver and see if that helps.
  11. Not to ask a stupid question, but have you physically dusted out your computer internally?

    I used to have FPS problems in CoD4:

    AMD Athlon X2 5400+ (2.8Ghz)
    4GB DDR2-800 RAM
    ATI x1950 PRO 256MB
    Windows XP 32-bit SP2
    Highest settings
    1280x960 resolution

    Max FPS: 22~
    Min FPS: 5~

    After dusting out my computer it was around:

    Max FPS: 70~80
    Min FPS: 40~
  12. if it works fine on xp how could dust only effect windows 7? i have cleaned out the dust and the problem still remains.

    This is a deep problem with my system has anyone else experienced something similar?
  13. this is the same thread from the only I replied to before. ( I was the one who replaced my board. Moved to AMD chipset cause I was so sick of these problems.)

    Im telling you its the Nvidia drivers like everyone else says. Problem with XFX is their customer support sucks and you have to get legacy drivers from Nvidia. This really wont fix the issues beacuse there is still bugs cause they are old dirvers.

    Also for the person running 3dmark03 remember that this is not an accurate benchmark for windows vista/7 the way these OS's operate is different. I would suggest DL 3dmark Vantage and comparing to others online.

    I know this is shitty advice, but save yourself the trouble and get a nice 790FX AMD board and be done with it.
  14. i recently solved this problem by switching to a 790i FTW motherboard. Thanks for all your help
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