Intel ProSET does not configure my WLAN device

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I am currently facing the following problem: Being proud owner of an
Intel miniPCI 2100 WLAN device, I installed the appropriate drivers (v. Device manager is happy, the device also appears under my
network devices, and I can connect to APs successfully. The systray icon
of Intel's driver software tells me about the signal strength of the
available AP. So far, so good: Double-clicking on the systray icon,
Intel's ProSET starts up, but doesn't show me any single network device!
I aleady disabled Windows XP's WLAN configuration wizard, but had no
success. Does anybody know of a solution to this problem? I am using
ProSET v.

Thanks in advance,
Oliver Gmelch
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    Have you found a solution yet? I'm having the same problem. I
    originally had a 2100B, then swapped with a 2200BG, which went bad
    (after working beautifully for a year). Dell sent a new 2100B which I
    have just installed but it won't show in Intel Proset. Otherwise, it's

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