cable modems - all the same?

Is there anything to watch for when selecting a cable modem, or is one basically as good as the next? For example, 2 DLink cable modems on MWave sell at about a $20 difference. The cheaper one is USB or ethernet accessible, and the more expensive is ethernet only. There weren't readily available specs, but the little blurbs were identical other than the connection options. What's the difference here, or with any company?
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  1. I do not think the difference is big. Just make sure your ISP support the modem.
  2. No real difference other than the USB version is probably a newer model that they figured out how to make cheaper. There may be minor differences between brands, but it seems to be more cosmetic and price than anything. Any modem should work with your ISP. You will have to call them, give them the make, model number and MAC address of the modem, then sit back and wait for the ISP to activate your connection.

  3. Most of the newer cable modems are basically the same. Some offer only USB connectivity. Unfortunately I have not found this to be better than a RG45 connection. It tends to depend on the type of OS you are running. Personally I prefer using the RG45, Something about connecting my Network thru a mouse or Camera port bothers me. If you get one that does both it is usually worth the extra $$ just as mentioned before verify with your ISP to see if it is acceptable. Remember you get what you pay for (most of the time)
  4. RG45 == RJ45

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  5. Thanks for the correction Thinking in two languages and sleep deprivation don't mix.
  6. How goes it...
    I recommend the Toshiba models.
    They have a lower probability
    of heating to the poing of freezing on you.
    I also recommend using the Ethernet connection
    and forgetting about USB. Even though it's a newer
    standard, it's much slower than good 'ol Cat-5.
    Go Figure, huh?
    Good Luck!!!
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