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I have a new Win7 Phone. Not real happy with iow do sync Word and Excel files?
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  1. Not a very clear message. Sorry. If I'm on the wrong forum, let me know. Anyway, Samsung Focus with Win7 Mobile Op Sys. Integration seems very poor. Seems like you have to go thru the "cloud" for everything. I specifically bought this phone for the Win7 platform, thinking it would just be "simple" drag and drop. Not the case. Again, looking to sync Excel and Word files. Not finding any good support. Any suggestions from this forum or other sources? Thanks, Gary
  2. Suppose I'll answer my own question here. Not a very elegant way to do it, but sending the file by e-mail as an attachment works. But there should still be a to simply sync it, without having to e-mail...
  3. On a learning curve here. There is a difference in a Pocket PC and a Windows Phone. Didn't know that. My HTC 8125 was a Pocket PC running in a Windows environment. It died. A Windows Phone, my new Samsung Focus, is not recognized in "My Computer", therefore, drag and drop is not available.
  4. Hello Garys2010;
    Have been hearing good things about the Samsung Focus.

    Have also heard there is a work-around for the Drag 'n Drop issue along these lines:
    You probably want to check around a bit and make sure others are also having success before you make the leap into registry mods.
  5. Thanks WR2, didn't know that site existed. Sound quality is EXCELLENT. Camera takes fine pics. Just don't like having all my info available to the "cloud". Going to take some getting used to. Hopefully, programmers will begin to develop "good" apps for it. Right now, they seem pretty lame. Reading farther about changing the registry, one user made a point that Zune organizes files for quicker access, whereas drag and drop wouldn't. Like you said, maybe wait and see. I'm just spoiled to the Pocket PC Windows platform. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Did you ever find a way to sync your Excel files to your Windows Phone? I don't really care about syncing music and videos, etc.. Like you, I moved up from a Pocket PC to a Windows Phone thinking it would work as my PDA; but it's useless to me if I can't easily sync my excel files between my laptop and my windows phone like I could with my pocket pc.
  7. Meant to say that I tried the link to the drag n drop link, but it no longer seems to work.
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