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Yes I'll probably move to Broadband, but for now I'd like to be able to access the internet via my 'main' computer which has an internal Dial-up ISDN modem. The my 2 computer network is happily working in terms of sharing files and printers/files etc, and the main computer can access the internet fine.

But getting the 2nd computer (which has no modem) to access the internet via the main one is proving errr, challenging. I've tried Microsoft ICS twith no success. Both are running XP. I have a Belkin wireless router hanging off the Main computer via ethernet connection and a wireless PCI card in the 2nd computer.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Richard
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    Use the Network setup Wizard in XP on the main computer.

    It will setup the environment, follow the steps carefully and also activate Internet Connection SHaring.

    When you're done got to the second computer and setup the network again, follow the steps carefully to establish the correct settings for this second PC.
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