Stay at 7? Or upgrade to 8?

Hi guys, i just want to ask, is windows 8 better than 7? How about in terms of gaming its what i do actually all the time in my computer. Would it be a good idea to upgrade to windows 8 or better to stay at 7?

I asked in some microsoft forums, some of the technicians there said that, windows 7 takes up more ram than windows 8, which in my own opinion isn't true as i have seen in the both windows 7 and windows 8 system requirements that 7 needs only 1GB ram while 8 need 2 GB. I'm slightly upset to this cause i only have 4GB ram and i think i need much for my gaming. So please give me insights into these. Thanks guys. :ange:
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  1. It's not too different. It is very slightly better in performance, but that won't make a noticeable difference in gaming performance.

    Windows 8 most certainly does not require 2GB of RAM. Like Windows 7, it runs better with 2GB, but it doesn't need it. I speak from experience with it.

    I'd recommend not upgrading to Windows 8 and instead that you get an 8GB memory kit.
  2. 2 Gb only recommended for 64bit systems, same for both 7 and 8. Marginal improvement across the board for Gaming Performance,3331.html
    Upgrade money better spent on RAM as blazorthon suggests, personally I have 8 on my laptops and am quite enjoying the difference, especially on the touchpads. Won't be recommending it universally yet as there are some serious issues regarding entering Safe Mode when things go pear-shaped...
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