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Hey guys! this is a lame question..... I just installed Win7 on my SSD, and I am trying to make it boot onto the SSD, not my storage HDD... (haven't been able to re-format it because there is stuff I want to move first...) The SSD is in SATA port 2, the HDD is in 7....

Any suggestions?

PS. I'mma look more in BIOs for boot menu.... ahven't been able to find it yet
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  1. Do not install the other HD until you have built the OS on the SSD, and booted successfully. Once that's done, you can add the second drive without confusing your mobo.
  2. Nope, didn't work....
  3. Are you saying you re-installed the OS on the SSD (without the other HD installed) and the install worked but it wouldn't boot?
  4. I installed the OS without the HDD installed(wouldn't boot to the SSD otherwise) installed OS, drivers, ect... and reattached HDD.... it boots to HDD, if both are connected....
  5. Never had that happen lol - have you tried swapping SATA ports?
  6. no.... it is.... really hard on my case... I'll try it tomorrow, when my friend comes over (I only have one hand[usable].... long story... should be healed in a week 'r two)

    Edit: any more suggestions?
  7. I would have thought it would be easy to swap the cables at the motherboard . . . even with one hand. Boy, you've got a tough raod here lol.

    No, I don't have any other suggestions . . . like I said, never had that happen to me.
  8. well, all my powercords run down there, but it goes behind my HDD bays, and makes it extremely hard to get to without knocking my GPUs/RAM/pulling really hard on PSU cords...
  9. Thanks anyway... I'll probably make a new thread in a different section (I dunno about you, but once threads get 4+ replies, I stay away, tooooo much reading...)
  10. Good idea. Sorry.
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    The bios is set to boot from the other drive. There has to be a boot menu in there somewhere.
  12. There is definitely a boot priority menu somewhere in the BIOS. Find it, and switch the boot priority to be the SSD first. You may have to change the SATA priority to do this (under the list of SATA devices).
  13. +2 ^^ change the boot priority in the BIOS and you're set.
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  15. Hmm, my BIOS has boot menu right next to the BLCK....

    Anyway, that worked.... Thanks all!
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