Can't Download/Install ActiveX Controls

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I am unable to download and install AciveX controls of any type from any
site. This has not been a big problem up to now, but yesterday I was trying
to make a file download from Microsoft and I was asked to Authenticate my
Windows XP installation. When I tried, the activex control was not installed
and I could not do the authentication. Obviously I need to get this problem
resolved so that I can communicate on the internet properly.

When an activex control needs to be installed, I get the "yellow" banner at
the top of the Web page and I click it and click to Install the activex
control. The computer does some more downloading and then I get a Window
asking me if I want to Install the activex control. I click to install and
then everything stop. No disk activity indicating an install, no internet
transmissions and no activex control in the downloaded programs directory.
This has happened at Microsoft's Web pages, Symantec web pages and Macromedia
web pages. I can download Windows updates just fine. I can download
liveupdates from symantec just fine. I can download driver updates from
Gateway just fine.

I have my security level set to Medium, but I have set them to low to see if
the problem would go away. No dice. I have disabled Norton Antivirus. I have
disabled Windows Firewall. Nothing helps with the problem.

Anyone have some good advice for this problem? Its getting a bit frustrating.

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  1. Yep,having the same problem.Can download but not install.No matter what site im in cant do it.Keep getting thwe dran pop up,domyou want to run activex controls.Driving me crazy.Suggestions please!!
  2. once you get the pop up on the tool bar, click to install active x. Then hit the refresh, it shouldn't come up after that.

    In the internet options, there is also settings to allow active x to run.
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