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One copy of windows 7 on two pc's??

I've got a question, i have one copy of original win 7 basic edition and i want to instal them on my second pc. Will it go? i'm 90% it will go but i never have done it before so i ask you, so i will be 100% positive on this.
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  1. I don't know if it will successfully install or not, but it's definitely not included in the license. The license is for one computer.
  2. You won't be able to activate both copies. So your 10% feeling is the correct one.
  3. You should be able to use the physical disc provided it is a retail copy, however you need to contact microsoft in order to obtain a second liscence key.
  4. 1 license 1 pc will not fly with microsoft!
  5. If I don't activate the windows what will happen?
  6. In essence, it will stop working. Make sure that you backup any data on it within the 30-day grace period.
  7. Hi hiti3 - Yes, as others have said, you can only install Windows 7 on one PC (unless you have the Family Pack which will upgrade 3 PC's). If you do install on 2 computers, Windows will stop working and become non-genuine. I'd recommend against it.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  8. and if i use some activation key that will activate it? (no-no)

    Mod edit: do not talk about pirated software here... TomsHardware does not support piracy.
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    hiti3 said:
    talking about pirate versions

  10. Toms hardware does not give support for and pirated questions it's against the forum rules.Just buy a copy!
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