Ive just hooked up the above system to my 42" Plasma via a hdmi cable using a dvi to hdmi connector. The image is perfect however no sound is coming through from the TV. Im running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and have tried various connections using additonal cables and spent about 4 hours fiddling with audio settings on the sound part of the control panel...

Can i use this machine as a htpc?! Any ideas how to resolve the sound issue?!

thanks alot

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  1. DVI will not transmit sound. You need HDMI on both ends, and a compatable video card. Just use the audio out on the computer to the audio in in on the TV for the channel you are using.
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  3. That last post couldn't be more wrong. DVI does carry audio. Your internal video card should have an spdif header on it which will connect from the internal audio card. This is true in almost all cases. I use a DVI to HDMI cable to get tomy TV, and it works perfectly with the setup mentioned above. Of course two years later, I would have bought a new computer. I just didn't want someone else to stumble over this and give up.
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