easy one dc laptop stuck in sleep mode

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i have an easy one dc laptop that's stuck in sleep mode - holding the power
button doesn't solve it, how do I get it to wake up?

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    The problem is not simply a PB problem. Heat and proper ventilation are
    extremely critical in a notebook because of the cramped space inside. When a
    notebook has a hard failure, it is very often due to excessive heat burning out
    an electronic component. When that happens, troubleshooting and fixing are
    time-consuming, best left to people who have a large stock of spare parts for
    the failed model and brand. Well, you have some useful parts there... Ben Myers

    On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 21:19:51 -0000, "James Eades" <mail@NOSPAMjameseades.co.uk>

    >Nothing on the screen at all, and nothing when an external monitor is
    >connected. I can't get it to even get as far as the post screen. This is
    >the second laptop from packard bell we've had with exactly the same
    >problem - I think it must just be ready for the scrap heap!
    >Thanks for the help
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    "James Eades" <mail@NOSPAMjameseades.co.uk> wrote in message
    >i have an easy one dc laptop that's stuck in sleep mode - holding the power
    >button doesn't solve it, how do I get it to wake up?
    > thx

    do you actually see the post (BIOS) screen and after the post screen it just
    goes off and doesnt re appear?

    this is primitive, turn the speakers up power up, doyou hear any beeps?

    then do you hear the wndows dum de dum doom login sound? this might indicate
    if it is getting into the OS and the monitor is simply bust or the VGA is
    ust as you mention you have tried a second monitor

    i would take it to a pro, if you hear the windows doom de dum doom sound
    then its probably isolated to a problem with the onboard VGA controller

    if you dont hear the windows dum dee dum doom and dont hear any beeps then
    the system isnt getting past POST

    this could be anything, hardware, processr memory anything, chances are it
    is processor related, as with memory there are usualy a sequence a of post
    beeps that occur that define a specific error, when its the processor

    stuff goes evil

    its hard without a monitor

    try getting a pro to look inside and test it all our professionally, i think
    what ben says is probably the case about the heat, maybe it got too hot, and
    a capacitor or something developed a fault which caused it to short at next
    power on

    i have just recently gotten a PB laptop and am positive PB arent a bad
    company, just the users (no offence to anyone here, you obviously have the
    mental capacity to be able to logon to usenet) are generally stupid first
    time PC buyers with no knowledge of hardware or using a PC properly which
    ends up in the things been trashed

    I'v had no ultra troubles with the laptop i own yet... just a minor one
    which ill be posting about next


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