dark age of camelot

anybody try this game yet, I've been thinking about trying it on for size and was wondering if anybody has already been down that route yet.
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  1. I enjoyed it... but got bored with it after 9 months.

    I'd wait it out and try World of Warcraft if you're looking for a good MMORPG.

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  2. Its fun I played for about a year and a half. Dont get the last expansion though. I think you get a month free before you have to pay a monthly fee so why not try it?
  3. Dont bother with this game. I played it for quite awhile and they nerfed alot of the things that made the game interesting. First off, when you start youll have a hard time leveling with other players because in one of the last patches they made it so players with lvl 50 characters can jump to lvl 20. Alot of the newbie areas are now completely vacant. They also try to "balance" all the classes which means just as you start to understand how to play a certain class they nerf that class and make them uber weak. Like the post said above, try WoW or perhaps EQ2......if it ever comes out.
  4. I would say ignore the cynics who've played Daoc for a long time - after all, it must hold some appeal if they've played it for over 9 months. I've played Daoc for almost two years, and although admittedly I don't play now, I've had some of my most fun gaming experiences in that time. It's certainly not as full of players as it used to be, but given the age of the game that's only natural, and there are still more than enough people playing to make it worth trying. Yes you could wait for the next MMORPG, but World of Warcraft (for example) still doesn't have a release date, so don't expect it too soon.

    There's so much I could say about this game, but ultimately the only way you'll know if you like it is by trying it for yourself. Why not buy it, feel the joy of exploring a world and system that is completely new to you, and make some friends - you do, after all, get one free month subscription. And by the time you grow bored of it, World of Warcraft may even have a release date.

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  5. Oh please not another WoW pusher.


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  6. You can push your [-peep-] into my [-peep-].


    To me it has a lot more potential than EQ2.

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