32 to 64 but Ultimate to Home Premium too

I have an older HP Pavilion 32 bit laptop running Win 7 Ultimate (not supposed to but it is) and I need to migrate everything to a 64 bit desktop running Win 7 Home Premium. I have used the Easy Transfer Cable to supposedly copy everything but the programs and the OS to the new computer. I know the Easy Transfer Cable can't move the programs. How do I move them as some of them were giveaways and I don't have any way to reload them? Thanks for your help. GA
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  1. giveaways?


    Most programs are installed by default to C : / Program Files .... if you locate the programs there you need (SOMETIMES) you can just copy it over to your new computer C : / Drive folder (the new PC with Win7 should also have a C : / Program Files).

    Just copy the folders onto a USB drive/CD/or DVD and paste them into the same exact folder name as the old computer. i.e: if your old computer had Photoshop in C : / Program Files / Adobe / Photoshop, then copy it and paste it into your new computer in EXACTLY the same spot C : / Program Files / Adobe / Photoshop. Make sure they are identically in the same location on each PC.

    NOW............. the hard part.......one problem you might find! Some programs with special cdkeys or serial numbers use the "registry" system in Windows. (very complicated to explain, and different for each and every program)

    If you get an error when trying to open the new computer and the programs you copied over...... you are probably screwed since the program is looking for the serial that you cannot give it without PROPERLY installing the program with the setup that came with it.
  2. Applications need to be re-installed. If you just copy them across I can guarantee that 99% of them won't work.
  3. You can try copying them over but it probably wont work. The applications will need there registry keys, application data, etc in order to work.
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