I just noticed this board and though it would give me yet another chance to slag of Creative Europe. (this may not be applicable worldwide).

Custom Service: [-peep-]
Quality of Products: Average
Reliability of Software: [-peep-]
Reliability of Hardware [-peep-]
Delivery Time: [-peep-]

SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1 from Creative Online.

Courier told me they would not be going past my house on they day they were due to deliver and suggested I drove 40 miles to the depot to collect it if I wanted it today. It was on f**king NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Not 'next day delivery if we can be arsed to come round your house'!

I phoned creative, long wait, usless operator could barely speak english. Referred me to technical support. Technical support is a joke they just have the manual in front of them and ask you what you are doing with it, then make stupid suggestions like 'did you plug it in yet?' They have no technical knowledge at all.

Actually, that also rasied the point that creative written manuals are a complete waste of paper. They show you nothing useful, and nothing you couln't work out yourself for installation. No where in any of the documentation, online or otherwise has any trouble shooting - instead you have to access the net and the knowledgebase which is equally light on info.

Anyway: Creative also bundle Cubasis VST with the Platinum 5.1. This is not Cubasis VST as you may expect if you have every tried the Demo version. Instead it is an old, cut down version which does NOT support the VST instruments - the most useful part of the VST system!

Tech Support reffered me to sales saying they didn't do software (not they that the knew anything about their hardware) and then sales said they didn't know anything about the products or what came with them, they only sold them - what's that about!?

They referred me back to technical support (which you have to pay for by the way) who still didn't have a clue and then referred me to steinberg the makers of the software who told me they did not support the software as it was OEM.

By now i am pretty pissed off, and sales get mouthy and say the don't know anything about the software, thats a T.S. matter. I tell 'em TS says they are only hardware, they decide the won't do anything about software (sales did say the could get me the full version - yeah right).

And they bloody shipped it from Ireland in a blue plastic carrier bag - no bubble wrap, no protective envelope, just the retail box in a blue carrier bag.

They are really taking the piss and it is something I strongly object to. Anyway I got a £25 refund and they lost any further business that may have gone their way, as now most of my friends and collegues also no longer buy creative products. Let this be a lesson to those companies who rekon they can get away with [-peep-] customer service.
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  1. I just have to say this.

    You think Creative Europe sucks, man, I spent three weeks square dancing with Creative America's division with no progress whatsoever. The funny thing is, I turned to Creative Europe for a resolution and found it.

    I am not defending them by any means but just wanted to say that if Europe sucks, America blows.

    that did not sound right did it :)
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