Win 7 features list: Starter/Basic/Premium/Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate

DailyTech published an article that updated and compared the different editions of Windows 7
with a handy table of features for each of the versions:

DailyTech article
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  1. It is disappointing that Windows 7 will come in this many Flavors. I say that there should be 3 versions.
    Premium: This should be the standard use version
    Ultimate: This should be the enthusiast version that has extra gadgets and have less pop-up windows.
    Business: This should be the smart version that is the most efficient and does not come with extra gadgets that take up space.
    To add-on to this Windows should make combos where you get Office Software with the OS with a discount price instead of buying both.
  2. My understanding is that Premium is the default. That Starter and Basic are OEM only - since they are aimed at Netbooks and the low end, respectively and will therefore be available only with the cheapo box they were originally installed on. And that Ultimate is supposed to be a rather limited edition in terms of distribution - The removal of the 'Ultimate Extras' should kill most of the desire to have it for the few people who haven't figured out that MSFT won't actually deliver on that with Vista.

    So for most, the choice is Premium for home users and Business for Small to Medium Business users. 32 bit or 64 bit.
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