Games crashing too

Hi, I'm having a problem too with games crashing. Can anyone help??

Same problem as snow, games are crashing/freezing after playing for a few minuts (random time). Games such as MOHAA and C+C generals. Sometimes crashes, sometimes freezes. This is annoying me too now and i have no idea how to proceed. IF you have any other ideas please let me know.

I have updated windows, the graphics drivers, etc. No problemes of overheating......I'm lost.
Also ive tried reinstalling windows and the games.

This is my pc. Thanks.

MSI K7N2 nforce 2 motherboard
AMD barton 2800+, 333mhz
768 MB DDR333 Ram
Western Digital, 120GB Hd with 8Mb Cache
MSI FX5700 TD 128mb
Creative Audigy Sound Card
Samsung DVD
Windows XP Pro

Why is there always problemes with windows?
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  1. You failed to mention what power supply you were using. People usually forget to check, but being underpowered can often cause the type of problems you are experiencing.
  2. thanks for your help.
    The power supply is a 300 W, no idea what type.
    It is also connected to an onduluer to protect from power surges...could that cause a probleme

    Why is there always problemes with windows?
  3. did you check your temp after those crash?
    my old leadtech Gforce3 ti200 will crash after 2hours of
    3d gaming. could it be a overheating video card issue?

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  4. I would say that at the least your power supply is at its limits, and if it is not a name brand it could be over its limits, as they often don't actually perform well if you get close to their printed rating. <A HREF="" target="_new"> This </A> image, from the review Tom's just did, shows how much power a modern system can use up. A power supply should shut off if it gets too far out of spec, and it will become unstable before that. If you can, try borrowing a more powerful power supply from someone before you make an investment in one and see if that fixes your problem, but if you have to power supplies aren't that expensive, just make sure you do not buy a generic.
  5. thanks for your help. i will give all that a shot and tell you how it works out.

    Why is there always problemes with windows?
  6. well thanks everyone for all your help, but still no luck after ive tried all that. I checked the temps after the game stopped and it returned to windows. Everything was at the correct temp. Tried a bigger power supply, and like i said before all updates......i cant think of anything else.....i am going out of my mind.......HELP

    Why is there always problemes with windows?
  7. I was having alot of freeze problems playing Max Payne and Kotor which drove me crazy. This my not apply to you but, I eased up on my OCed Vid card and solved the problem. 3Dmark2001se ran perfect so it took awhile before I tried that fix.
  8. Have you ruled out the RAM? If it's generic memory, that could be your problem. Seen it a lot. Try running memtest on it to see.

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