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Changing Location For 'select Users Or Groups'

Last response: in Windows XP
a b 8 Security
March 4, 2005 6:41:46 PM

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I'm running a small network of ten PC's (XP SP1 & SP2) on a network from
a SBS 2003 server.

I'm trying to change some security authoritise for files/folders on the
PC's. On the 'Select Users or Groups' screen the location shown is the
local PC. Pressing the location button also shows only the local

I want to be able to select users from the local domain. So how do I
add a location to select from.

a b 8 Security
March 4, 2005 6:41:47 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin (More info?)

Never any easy questions is there?
I went to google search and entered: Select users from local domain.
I hope this helps ..

Start the Administrative Tools (Start / Settings / Control Panel /
Administrative Tools). From there start the Computer Management.
In the Computer Management open Local Users and Groups and then select
Groups in the left part of the window.
Double click on the desired Group (for example Power Users or
Administrators) on the right part of the window, a new window Power Users
Properties or Administrators Properties opens.
In the Administrators group do not remove the Administrator user or the
D-PHYS\Domain Users group, else you will be in big trouble.
Click on the Add button and the Select Users or Groups window opens, change
Look in: from the workstation name to D-PHYS. If you are logged in with a
local user (for example Administrator), you will be asked for the Network
Password for D-PHYS, enter your D-PHYS username an password. Wait a few
moments until the user list is loaded completly. Click once on the Name bar
to change to alphabetical sort order and select the Users which are allowed
to be in the local Power Users or Administrators group. Double click them, or
click on the Add button.
When done, select the OK button. The users will be added to the selected
group. There select Apply and OK. Also close the Computer Management window
and the Administrative Tools window.