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I have noticed that after created a new local user account and added this
local account to the local Power Users Group it does not have the ability to
write to the root of C: unlink any other version of windows e.g. Win2000. Is
this by design. If so could you direct me to some MS Documentation.


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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin (More info?)

    the set up of power users groups are explained by Microsoft as follows:

    The Power User class can perform any task except for those reserved for
    Administators. They are allowed to carry out functions that will not directly
    affect the operating system or risk security. All domain accounts are part of
    the Power Users group on public Windows 2000 computers.

    Power Users Can:
    Create local user accounts
    Modify user accounts which they have created
    Change user permissions on users, power users, and guests
    Install and run applications that do not affect the operating system
    Customize settings and resources on the Control Panel, such as Printers,
    Date/Time, and Power Options
    Do anything a User can
    Power Users Cannot:
    Access other users' data without permission
    Delete or modify user accounts they did not create

    I can'say that it'll answer yer question?
    But I hop it helps???
    Good luck..
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