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Hello all,

It’s my pleasure to announce that we are hosting a $2,000 Write-A-How-To Contest on Tom’s Hardware sister site, Computing.Net! At Computing.Net, the How-To section has provided visitors with a quick reference that gives them the best answers to many common questions. We’re hoping to expand this wealth of solutions by encouraging users to post new How-To’s in the section, and we're promoting it with a $2,000 prize!

Entering the contest is incredibly easy – all you have to do is post a new How-To on Computing.Net. The How-To can be on any topic you like. If you’ve answered the same question many times before, you might consider turning that into a How-To. Alternatively, you might want to discuss a specific issue that you’ve noticed many users have. There are no limits to the number of How-To’s you write, and, the more you contribute, the higher your chances of winning. Our editorial staff will review How-To’s and consider each one on the merits of both quality and popularity.

If you are interested, now is the time to start submitting your How-To’s. Once you’ve posted, be sure to tell your friends about your new How-To guide on Facebook, Twitter, etc to help bolster your chances of winning!

Thanks for using Tom’s Hardware Forums, and good luck!

P.S. – The contest runs from December 6th, 2010 to January 6th, 2011. Be sure to read the specific rules and terms of the contest here.
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  1. I have to ask - what did Rhode Island ever do to get itself excluded? :D When I clicked on Submit I wondered if not being a US (except Rhode Island) resident, I wouldn't get any further.
  2. Rhode Island has a law that requires contest holders to register before each contest and pay a fee. Unfortunately this puts prohibitive limits on our resources for hosting the contest.

  3. Much obliged.
  4. What a stupid law.

    Just like that random rule my art forum has about digital art submitions.
  5. Any news on the winners?
  6. Winners will be notified via pm or email. :)
  7. ...why not announce the winner right here, at Tom's, right here in this thread, on this forum? Why?

  8. This one was open to everyone (except Rhode Island) Digs and I actually took part. That reminds me - Joe, my e-mail hasn't arrived yet! :D :D
  9. This topic has been desticky in top of the forum by Aford10
  10. This topic has been closed by Aford10
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