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ok i havent a clue what is causing this but when i play games, randomly it goes back to the desktop because of a pop up has come up. I mean surely it shouldn't do this. I have a pop up stopper, if its on or if it isnt pop ups still make the comp go to desktop. Its so annoying can neone help please.
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  1. It would really be beneficial to you if you were alot more specific. What kind of pop ups? What operating system are you running? etc etc.

    Even without that information, I can tell you that it's probably just some form of spyware. Download and install Ad-Aware 6 from <A HREF="" target="_new">LavaSoft</A> and let it do it's scan, then delete all of the items it lists when the scan is complete.
  2. I agree, sounds like spyware. I use AdAware and it does the trick.

    PIV 2.4c @ 2.88ghz
    1gig PC3200 (512mbx2)
    ASUS P4P800
    GF3 Ti200 64mb (soon to be replaced)
  3. if its a windows-style popup i bet you have to disable messenger in 'services'
  4. thanks that has helped alot. I had a spyware program that apparently creates pop ups. that ad aware is great its better than my last pop up stopper which was ads gone. thanks ne way i can now play the likes of the far cry demo and need for speed without being disturbed
  5. disabling messenger is just a bandaid. you need a firewall. cs game server -
  6. Also watch out for ZoneAlarm, it will freeze and crash a lot of games until you grant access or in some cases just shut it off. Other than that it's a great Firewall IMHO.
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