Lexmark Drivers eat up 1000 3dmrk01 points

ok so i just bought my printer and as soon as i did i saw that my memory benchmarks in sandra were down 150 mb and my 3dmark2001 score was down 1000 points. Never in a million years would i have expected it to be the printer, so i reformatted but as soon as i installed the printer drivers the performance dropped, but as soon as i uninstalled the drivers everything was normal again...........i emailed lexmark and they said that this was normal and that their printer was a "memory intensive" program.......who the fu3k makes printers that eat up half your cpu cycles......now i have a $100 printer collecting dust and i have no idea what the hell i'm supposed to do....any suggestions?
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  1. I'd take it back, but if it's been to long... Do you have a second older computer set up? If you could set up a network and put the printer on the old one, then share it, your new computer shouldn't take that large of a hit (I'm assuming anyway).


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  2. You could only install the drivers when you need to print, I suppose.

    Why is 1000 points such a big deal? Your games might not have actually degraded in performance.

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  3. This will happen only if the drivers stay in memory (as nowadays most do) - probably isn't the driver itself but a monitoring utility. If this is case then you could kill then when needed (for gaming purpose).
    And BTW, if it is the driver, even if you install the printer in another computer it probably would affect your performance (since the drivers need to be instaled anyway)

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  4. I'd recommend you return the thing and get a printer from another more responsible company. Otherwise your $100 printer is now stripping you of a percentage of your overall system performance as well, which brings the cost to much more than just $100.


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  5. Lexmark sux. Has for years. Epson and connon have similar problems that produce similar results to a lesser extent. That's one reason people want such fast systems-poor products and programs that slow it down.
    I recommend HP printers, they seem to use the least amount of system resources.

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  6. Agree. Lexmark and Oki are the worst in my experience.

    Printer manufacturers have long realised that producing software which translates data into a format the printer can deal with directly, reduces hardware costs.

    The downside is of course that the PC must do the work, impacting on performance.

    That the software has such a dramatic effect on your system, even when the printer is idle, is a product of poor design.

    Buy a cheap printer and you get... crap mechanics, crap hardware, crap software, and crap implementation.
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