COllecting Sticlers is my hobby

I don;t know the right place to post this Question. My hobby is collecting Stickers about Comics. Does anyone here are crazy about it.
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  1. yes, this is the right area of the forum to be posting this.

    as far as collecting stickers and comics...yours is the first post i've seen of it so far. perhaps others will chime in that they collect similar things.

    what type of stickers do you collect? anything or are there specifics?
    what type of comics do you collect? newspaper type, marvel superheroes, other?


    the only thing i collect which is remotely similar are the 12 or so japanese manga books i've collected over the years.

    what i do collect (if you want to call it a collection) are movies. i'm up to around 650+ total boxes, half of them foreign import.

    i just started collecting figurines from some shows i like as well.
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