Cannot install OS on new build (BSOD)...long story


I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why I cannot succeed in installing Windows 7 onto my new computer build. I've googled the heck out of it and can't seem to find an answer...hopefully I can find success here :) I'll try to include as much info as I possibly can. First off, the specs:

MB - Asus P7H55-M LX
Processor - Intel i3 540 3.06G
Memory - Corsair XMS3 DDR3 PC10666 1333 MHz
HDD - WD Caviar Black 500 GB (OEM)
PSU - Ultra LSP 550

Secondly, the BSOD message:

***Stop: 0x00000024 (0x00000000001904FB, 0xFFFFF8800458F498, 0xFFFFF880458ECFO, FFFFF88001C592SE)


Address: FFFFF88001C5925E base at FFFFF88001C47000, Datestamp 4a5bc14f


1) When booting from Windows DVD, I get to the install screen, choose "Install Now", choose the remaining portion of the HDD (not taken up by 32MB buffer) to install on and off she goes. It's gotten anywhere from 32% to 88% during the "Expanding Files" stage and then the BSOD shows up. Also, right before the BSOD shows up, the DVDRW starts spinning a lot more rapidly than it does when first starting out.

2) During one install try, I got a BSOD that said "UDFS_FILE_SYSTEM" instead of "NTFS.SYS" (still a 0x00000024 error)

3) In the BIOS, both my HDD and DVDRW are recognized

4) CPU temperature in BIOS is 38c with factory heatsink/fan (not sure if that's high or not...tower is a Cooler Master with one 140mm fan up top and two 120mm fans in the front/back). All fans are running (to include CPU) and when I stick my hand in, it feels nice and cool.

5) Asus MB has been flashed to latest release (although I was getting the BSOD even before that)

6) All SATA cables are firmly plugged in (to include MB/PSU/Peripherals)

7) Memory is recognized by BIOS but is not on Asus' Vendor list (although it fits the capability test of 1333MHz), it's included in a TigerDirect package with the same MB.

8) I've tried re-formatting the HDD in DOS (thinking that might help matters) but Format C only recognized the 32MB portion of the HDD...same goes for Chkdsk and Fdisk. I don't know how to get DOS to choose the other 498 GB section to format...however, come to think of it, should I have to even re-format?

9) BIOS is currently set "IDE" for SATA peripherals (was set to "AHCI" before but still got the BSOD)

Well, there it frustrating story. From my research, I've gathered that a NTFS.SYS error is due mostly to hardware problems. However, I'm not sure where to begin (swap out memory, change HDD/DVDRW, etc...).

Any help would be so greatly appreciated! If any additional info is needed, please let me know.


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  1. OK well first off if my memory serves me correctly DOS may have some issues recognizing a partition of 498 GB. So I would give that plan a miss. Delete all partitions and start fresh on the install. The install seems to be getting past the point where you have the option of doing this. I would suspect that your memory is not relating to your motherboard in a manner that Win 7 approves of. Win 7 is very fussy about RAM. I had a Laptop where I doubled the RAM using the same brand as the original memory and it blue screened immediately. We changed the RAM to another brand and it has had no problems since. Try changing the RAM and make sure that it is supported. Since Win 7 came out that has become much more important.
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