Windows is unable to gain access to the network.

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I have a wireless router by LinkSys model BEFW11S4 ver. 2
When I try to access computers in the network with Windows Explorer I get
the error message "Windows is unable to gain access to the network."
However, I can access the Internet from all 4 computers in the house.

File and Printer sharing are checked, IP address is set to 'obtain an IP
address automaticaly' and the Workgroup is set to the same name on all

Any ideas of what may be causing this, are appreciated.

Thank you

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    in reply to ur query i just wanted to ask if u have the same workgroup name and yes no firewall enabled;did u try to ping the ip addresses of those computers?if u can ping them then it means that u don't have to worry about firewall but if u can't then plz disabled the firewall(if any) or even any anti-virus;rest u can visit ;
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