Pc freeze during game then windows freeze at bootscreen

Hi friends, i played starcraft II today and for no reason my computer freezes up. After hitting the reset button it freezes up again at windows logo screen. Now im unable to start windows repair, installation even boot in safe mode. it looks weird. im trying to check the hardware but it looks fine. Please Help!
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  1. Are you, by chance, running AVG?
  2. yes im running exactly that avg is it good or not...?
  3. You might be a victim of the AVG update...though that was a couple days ago and they supposedly removed it already, but it just sounds quite similar to that bug. There is a fix released, but if you can get to the system restore, try and roll back your system to an earlier point.
  4. aiight thats great ill take a look at avg site, upon that im unable to run the windows recovery it freezes up at microsoft logo, same thing with avg rescue disc it freezes up when loading files. memtest86+ says that theres is no problem with memory. Thanks for your help, i will continue to find some issues on the web while im smoking another one. :P
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