Synchmaster 750s problem.

I have the Synchmaster 750s since last summer. Since moving into this new apartment, the image on the monitor when set to a resolution higher than 800x600 flickers from side to side. Its not constant but is does occur daily. It happens both for desktop and games. Cannot find a EMI source and the sockets seem find. Tech support couldn't help and the repair shop is backed up too far. Something is going on since others besides me never saw this in the old place. Thoughts??
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  1. Does it still happen if you bring the monitor elsewhere?

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  2. Yeah, even if there is no EM interference it could be 'dirty' mains causing the problem.

    From my experience Samsung monitors have good power smoothing, prove it by running the monitor on a friends (or work) machine first though, see if the problem persists.

    If it does, I guess the monitor was damaged in transit.
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