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I have problems finding software in the Windows 8 store, I only get to see a few free ones. I can see and click on the Spotlight apps even the ones that costs and get into them. But if I go to the right sub category I can not find any that costs.

Even the free Wikipedia app is not in there ++ much more.

Might also add that I have added mastercard and is logged into a microsoft account/email. I also use Windows 8 Pro, had to struggle to find the correct place to get it as I have had a key laying around for it for a half year and got no properly email once it was released.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Problem is solved. Under settings there is a sub category called Preferences. And on the first setting in there is called "Make it easier to find apps in my language". So since im from Norway even though my windows 8 is in english it only showed the apps in Norwegian Language.
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