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Multiple backup jobs with Win 7 Backup?

I'm using Win 7 Pro and want to schedule several backups to my NAS. With Win XP, I was able to schedule multiple backup jobs, which makes things easier since I have 116 GB of data. I like to backup my documents, email files, etc. every week, but my photos, MP3s, etc. don't change as frequently so once a month is fine for that. Not surprisingly, the media collection takes much longer to backup, which is another reason I try to separate it from my "regular" backup.

Unfortunately, Win 7 backup only seems to allow one backup job to be scheduled, which seems awfully limited. Am I missing something? Are there other free backup utilities that would work better, or do I need to shell out some cash?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    Put your hand in your pocket and pony up for a more flexible solution.
    I highly recomend Acronis True Image Home 2011, you can schedule image, files & folders anyway you like. about $50USD and worth every cent.
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  3. You can script the wbadmin utility in windows 7 and schedule jobs to run the scripts with windows task scheduler.
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