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DirectX trouble?

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Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
May 6, 2001 4:01:56 AM

Hi to all,
There seems to be a problem with my PC (running on Win98SE) hopefully someone could give me a hint on this:

The machine is about 3 years old and it has been running smoothly all this time.
However, just a couple of days ago while trying to install Netscape 4.77 it caused my machine to crash repeatedly (even after downloading Netscape several times)
Ever since that incident there is something about DirectX and ddhelp.exe and winmm.dll (and I do not know what else) that is permanently corrupted.

The obvious pitfall is that Outlook express is no longer working (crashes against ddhelp.exe) and the DirectX diagnostic tool also crashes on ddhelp.exe (specifically it doesn't seem to stomach ddraw any more).

After locating the original DDHELP.EXE and WINMM.DLL on the win98SE CD and after downloading the latest DirectX 8.0, I rebooted on safe mode and reinstalled these components.

Unfortunately, this fix seems only temporarily since ddhelp.exe corrupts again within a day or so. No idea why it became so volatile.

At this point any feedback would be appreciated, I simply do not know what else to do (even Regclean crashes)

Thomas A.

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May 8, 2001 8:02:08 PM

format your hard drive and re-install windows.
September 10, 2001 11:20:51 PM

I agree with stonerboy, you should reinstall windows as that will save you a lot of hassels....assuming that you backup your data REGULARLY!! :)