Gtx570 no audio on hdtv

Game play great and quality of picture is great. can only get sound out of head phone. Card can run a 7.1 system, I have a 5.1 system. Would like to hear game thru tv speakers any ideas? hdmi cable is use to connect computer to HDTV.
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  1. Did you set the default audio device to hdmi in control panel?
  2. NO they are not plugged in, don't know how to get windows to activate them. It sees them but not plugged in. Am I missing a cable? gtx570 has sound in it on the hdmi cable.
  3. What options do you see for sound devices?
  4. I can dissable them, going to down load the latest driver for the graphics card. Perhaps that will turn on the HDMI audio devices.
  5. in the control panel or.are you in device manager?
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    down loaded new driver for graphic card solved problem. Guess these things are caused by an id10t. ME Sorry thanks for the help.
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