Windows 7 Driver Problems

I do hate when that happens. In the past I have simply taken the graphics card out and put it back in after a few moments. That always seemed to "kick start" it into working.
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  1. uninstall it in the device manager then restart computer!upgrade the drivers from the device manager!
  2. I upgraded from Vista 64bit to Win 7 64bit Home Pre. It was a fresh install no problems whatsoever. So I loaded the correct graphic drivers, I have the ATI Radeon 5870 I made sure to get the correct 64bit driver package. Installed it with no problems restarted and I get a black screen. My monitor says out of range like it doesnt recognize my monitor. You can hear windows boot up as well to top it off. I played around with my monitor I have it hooked up via HDMI and had no success. Im stuck any suggestions. Thanks.
  3. One of the graphics settings is set to something your monitor is unable to display. Typically the culprit is the refresh rate.
  4. Ill try both options later today. About the monitors refresh rate should i adjust it in the catalyst control center or via the monitors option? Any other solutions let me know. Thanks again.
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