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Hey everyone basic question, I'm confused because the win 7 pro that is offered to students for $65 says upgrade on the box. Can I install this on a new build with no OS on it since that's not an "upgrade"?
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  1. The cheapest option is a download and that will not run on a blank system. will NEED the backup DVD to perform a fresh install. I got this deal, It is very useful.

    You can use it for a fresh install but its tricky. You are meant to install a different OS first and the license for the previous install is stored by MS.

    To remain legal, you should run the uprage on a system already running an OS. If you have an old XP license you are not using, install that first.

    There is a way of running a fresh install from the DVD but I do not believe it will activate properly. In the first instance, to conform to the EULA, you need an OS.
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  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Good link. But it still says you need a previous OS for it to activcate.
  4. no u dont upgrade media works with full install u just do what link says
  5. "•Windows 7 Setup does its compliance checking before the phase of Setup where you format the disc. (Unlike with Windows Vista.) This means that you can format your existing hard drive, and blow away a previous Windows version, and not worry about activation. If it was there, Windows 7 will still activate."

    A clean install is not the problem, it is whether he needs a previous OS. I can install on a blank system but I originally registered my copy as an upgrade to an old XP Home I bought back a few years ago. After that I can reinstall as much as I like becuase it is already registered.

    It is still worth a try I suppose, but I did read that MS stores the original install's license.
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  7. Based on the link above, it can be done, pretty easy....

    As for method #3... basically install a 2nd time, but as an UPGRADE. I mean, that takes time but that seems like a real simple workaround.

    Good read. Whew. I was getting nervous.
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